My Sistah Taught Me That (MSTMT) is a young girl's developmental program designed to encourage, inspire, educate, and empower young girls ages 11-19 with a special focus on girls growing up in single parent homes without their father.  This program was created so young ladies in Buncombe County and surrounding areas in Western North Carolina may have the chance to be exposed to professional leaders in our community who are dedicated to providing opportunities, open dialogue, and exposure to things they wouldn't routinely do, with the intent of helping them grow and mature.

Our Story

My Sistah Taught Me That (MSTMT) is the female cohort of the already established young men's youth development program called My Daddy Taught Me That (MDTMT). 

MDTMT was founded by Keynon Lake in 2010.  This program has proved to be a sustainable resource for young men in the Asheville community.  Keynon is happy to see his vision continue with the female cohort and is celebrating four years with this addition.

Leslie Council, founder and owner of MSTMT, is very passionate about empowering the youth of her community.  As a native of Asheville, she has witnessed and experienced first hand the struggles, disappointments, and unfortunate surroundings that our youth are facing every day.  She also understands the complexity of being a single parent and how unfortunate it is that a significant number of the young girls in our community (and nationwide) are being raised without the influence, direction, guidance, or presence of their fathers.  This is Leslie's story also, which feeds into her passion to connect and encourage these young ladies. 

Enduring and overcoming many of her own personal hard knocks, Leslie is dedicated to sharing her story in hopes that the young ladies of MSTMT may not ever face the same hazardous lifestyle choices she made.  But if they do, she and the CoreCrew of MSTMT is committed to be there for them, hold their hand, and do whatever needs to be done to help them recover with grace and dignity.  

Leslie and Keynon have a joint vision to empower the youth of Western North Carolina with these programs.  Both programs are housed under KL Training Solutions and are a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We are supported by grant funding, personal donations, and there are a lot of out of pocket expenses. 

Keynon meets with the young men of MDTMT on Monday's and Wednesday's of each week.  Leslie meets with the young ladies and CoreCrew of MSTMT once a week.  Both programs plan a monthly activity that may take place out of town, or may be something in town that the youth have not been exposed to.  If you have a local organization and would be willing to allow the youth to participate or visit at a discount or no cost, please contact us.  We need your help. 

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